Character: Casey

Directed by: April Mullen

Written by: Ryan Christopher Churchill

Produced by: Vanessa Amodeo, Peter Bevan, Kirk D'Amico, Tim Doiron, Sammi Farber, David Gendron, Rich Goldberg, Kristin Harris, Chala Hunter, Peter Jarowey, Ali Jazayeri, Chris Lee, Kyle Pak, Jack C. Preston, James van der Woerd

Cast Members: Robbie Amell, Jordana Brewster, Sam Worthington, Alicia Sanz, Mayko Nguyen, Masa Lizdek

Released date: April 7, 2023

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Duration: 1hr 35min

A humanoid A.I.'s attempt to win over a widow's heart places it in the path of a government agent trying to stop the rise of machine consciousness.

Script developed by Never Enough Design