Out with Dad

Character: Waiter

Created by: Jason Leaver

Directed by: Jason Leaver

Written by: Jason Leaver

Produced by: Kate Conway, Jason Leaver, Lindsey Middleton, Natalie O'Brien, Courtney Wolfson

Cast Members: Kate Conway, Lindsey Middleton, Caitlynne Medrek, Kelly-Marie Murtha

Released date: July 8, 2010

Genre: Drama

Teenage Rose is coming of age, and coming out of the closet. Her single dad wants her coming out to be as easy and painless as possible, but sometimes he tries a little too hard.

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Episode Guide

Double-Date with Dad
aired March 24, 2014

We pick up right where we left off… Rose is about to meet Angela! This is a big (and weird) moment for her. Rose first learned about Angela during the summer, she even recorded a video diary about it. But now what? Awkwardness ensues… Filmed on location at Cafe Diplomatico

Vanessa’s Pain
aired March 27, 2014

Vanessa wanders around the city and feels hungry. After avoiding to bump into the “double daters”, she goes back to her refuge. Kyle waits there and proposes to relief Vanessa’s pain… She runs off.

Script developed by Never Enough Design