Kung Fu Cops

Character: Mr. Ying

Directed by: Charlie Lawton

Written by: Rudyard Olejnik

Produced by: Rudyard Olejnik, Brendan Whelton

Cast Members: Angelica Alejandro, Mak Asfha, Krista Barzso, Audra Brooke, Peter Campbell, Richard Chuang, Rick Cordeiro, Suzanne Miller

Released date: September 1, 2013

Genre: Comedy

"Fighting crime, in a funky time!" The year is 1974. A brilliant shoot from the hip detective, Chinofsky is partnered with a by the book cop Chung. Both have two things in common; experts in Kung Fu and preferring to fight crime alone. Now they have to work together to stop a mysterious gang of Asian origin from taking over the city.

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Script developed by Never Enough Design