Bike Cop: Begins

Character: Yakusa Koto

Directed by: Julian Wilkins

Written by: Geoff Hales, Julian Wilkins

Produced by: Geoff Hales, Julian Wilkins

Cast Members: Brian Scott Carleton, Alex Chung, Bike Cop, Stephen Cullen, Daniel Govia, Sherry Hsu, Dl MacDonald, Ronnie Rowe

Duration: 45min

In a city rife with drugs, gangs and crooked bureaucracy, Special Agent Fox Carlyle is given charge to the most elite law enforcement task force: The Alpha Team. When their high profile mission goes horribly wrong, a mysterious entity saves her from certain death. The City's corruption stretches deep into the heart of parliament, shadowing the truth in a blanket of lies. Who can she trust? Is her savior the enemy, or her only chance for survival? Dirty officials, menacing villains, and do-good cops all search for the answer to the same question: WHAT IS THE BIKE COP?

Script developed by Never Enough Design