Air Crash Investigation

Character: Narita Air Traffic Controller

Created by: Bernard Vaillot, Andre Barro, Greg Gransden

Directed by: Tim Wolochatiuk

Written by: Jonathon Link

Produced by: Kim Bondi, Alex Bystram, Alix MacDonald, Michael McNally, Jesús Montero, Lana Pitkin, Ed Sayer, Peter Skrzypczak

Cast Members: Jonathan Aris, Stephen Bogaert, Douglas E. Hughes, David Bronfman, Peter Kosaka, Stephen Jackson

Genre: Documentary, Crime, Drama

Duration: 46min

Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses.

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The Final Push
aired January 14, 2017

While the cargo jet was attempting a landing at Narita Airport in Japan, in gusty winds, it bounced and landed inverted and burning.

Script developed by Never Enough Design